Bamboo hair brush

Why do you need a bamboo hairbrush?

More and More people around the world are becoming concerned about environmental issues. The market for eco-friendly products is getting bigger and bigger every year, according to our research. Our bamboo hairbrush is 100% biodegradable product, it’s made of natural bamboo with natural rubber cushion. It will be the perfect replacement for the customer’s plastic hairbrush.

Why pick a natural bamboo hairbrush for the environment?

First of all, bamboo is renewable resource that grows quickly and does not have harsh requirements on the growing environment and can even grow soil damaged by overgrazing or poor agriculture technique.

Second, it’s 100% biodegradable hairbrush. Compare to the plastic hairbrush, bamboo hairbrushes can be composted by germs, and you can directly bury the broken hairbrush in the soil

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