Mr.Mountian-Wholesale Wooden Hair Brushes

We are a professional wooden hairbrush manufacturer in China. If you want to make a mass order for the wooden hairbrushes, please contact us directly.

We can give you the wholesale price for each wooden hairbrush.

Our advantages are as below:

  1. Wholesale price wooden hairbrush——–you will get a very reasonable price based on the quantities you need.
  2. Global shipping service——-accept DDP by air, sea, or train, we will take out the customs clearance of your goods.
  3. Risk-free trading—— Third-party platforms guarantee transactions


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OEM&ODM Mr.Mountian-Wholesale Wooden Hair Brushes

The selling point of the Wholesale Wooden Hairbrushes as below:

1. Eco Friendly

Handcrafted sustainable Ash wood and natural rubber cushion, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable material, and even the pin are 100% wood!

2. Pain-free Professional Results:

Hair detangling and exfoliating to promote a healthy scalp, we also accept 100% customized bristle such as boar bristle or nylon bristle.

3. Round Soft Pin

The rounded wooden bristles can gently condition and detangle your hair, while also exfoliating and massaging the scalp.

4. Scalp Benefits

The wooden bristles are long and round and massage the scalp to stimulate blood flow. They also gently exfoliate the scalp from buildup.

5. Hair Benefits

Wooden bristles won’t damage, break, or snag hair. Natural distribution of scalp oils to improve hair shine.

How can I source the wooden hairbrush at wholesale price?

You should find a hairbrush factory, and tell them all requirements about the wooden hairbrush.

Please check our post about how to source hairbrushes from a hairbrush factory in China.




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