Soft Bristle Natural Beechwood Facial Cleansing Brush

Soft Nylon Bristle High-Quality Dry Facial Cleaning Brush Before Or After Shower

Made of Natural Beechwood

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1000 PCS

OEM&ODM Soft Bristle Natural Beechwood Facial Cleansing Brush

In dry brushing, you use a special firm-bristled brush to gently exfoliate your skin. Some people use it as part of their skin routine to restore firmness, remove dry skin flaking, and stimulate blood flow.

Dry brushing was used as a healing practice by ancient cultures. Nowadays, celebrities and influencers swear by this simple and inexpensive method for exfoliating and massaging their skin.

It’s Exfoliating

Do you use scrubs? If yes, you can use it along with the dry brush, through brushing your skin to remove dead skin and dirt. After a dry brushing session, your skin will feel softer and smoother.

It Increases Circulation

The dry brushing could stimulate your blood circulation, stimulate lymphocytes, and leave you more great skin.

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