Where to buy hairbrushes in bulk?

Where you procure the hairbrush comb determines the success of your career or not. A good hairbrush and comb will enhance the user experience. If you’re in the beauty industry and want to buy hairbrushes for home use or for salon use, learn about hairbrushes wholesaler in this blog!

Where to buy hair brushes in bulk?

List of the 5 Best hairbrushes wholesaler

If you are in a hurry, you may click the company name that you want to know about to directly view their relevant information. In selecting these manufacturers, we carefully considered their performance in the industry and their overall reputation. Here are the companies that made it into our requirements.

  • Toni&guy
  • Kent
  • Bass
  • Olivia Garden
  • Wet brush

5 Best hairbrush Wholesaler

The companies we have selected below are in no particular order based on our consideration of their brand establishment time, quality control, and price. Read on to learn more about their profiles.


Business Type: Wholesaler

Headquarters: 58-60 Stamford Street, London, United Kingdom

Main Markets: USA, UK

Years of Experience: 55 years

Toni&Guy is a Multi-award winning hairdressing brand with more than 55 years of experience in education, superior client service, and hair care expertise. Most product is salon tools such as barber comb, handle scissor, and hairbrush.

They have their own beauty academy and chain of hair salons in the U.S. and the U.K. Their combs are basically sourced from several large factories in China, and we have also worked with them.

The hair-cutting combs are specially designed for barbers, the cutting comb is built from durable high-quality plastic, which is 428°F Heat resistant. Wide tooth and fine tooth design to facilitate even tension on the hair.

If you want to purchase a professional barber comb or salon brush, their product is a good choice for you.

Key Products

Barber comb



2. Kent

Business Type: Manufacturer

Headquarters: London Road, Apsley, hemel hempstead,HP3 9SA,UK

Main Markets: World

Years of Experience: 243 years

Kent brushes are the world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer, which is notable for its handcrafted wood hairbrush, they’ve supplied Royal households for nice consecutive Sovereign reigns.

But you also need to consider the price of the brush, their price is not cheap, and more suitable for retail than wholesale.

Key Products


Bath brush


3. Bass

Business Type: Manufacturer

Headquarters: 6975 Speedway Boulevard, Building D-103,Las Vegas, NV 89115

Main Markets: World

Years of Experience: over 40 years

The Bass brush grew every year, moving from hair to body, shaving, and cosmetic brushes. Bass Brushes is a global brand with a reputation for quality, design, innovation, value, and a worldwide presence.

They also import the hairbrush from China because they have multiple product lines, Their brands can be seen at almost every beauty exhibition.

Key Products


Men’s Brush

Body Brush

4. Olivia Garden

Business Type: Manufacturer

Headquarters:2805 Verne Roberts Circle, Antioch, CA 94509

Main Markets: World

Years of Experience: over 30 years

OLIVIA GARDEN was established in 1967, to supply hairdressers with high quality. They earned over 55 patents making their product high rating with hairdressers. They have professional salon brushes and 100% biodegradable bamboo hair hairbrush too. The selling price of Olivia garden’s 100% boar bristle brush is around $20, it’s their hot-selling item. The quality is good, you can refer to the following video.


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