Bamboo Hair Brush Set With Kraft Box

New design, Natural rubber cushion, Natural bamboo paddle hairbrush.

Bristles, shape, size, various brand logos can be customized according to customer requirements


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500 pcs

OEM&ODM Bamboo Hair Brush Set With Kraft Box

Why select a Bamboo Hairbrush, not a Plastic hairbrush?

1. Meet the trend of environmental protection so that the eco-friendly products will be more popular in future

2. Not contain toxic chemical elements to avoid irritations, rashes, and allergic reactions.

3. The wood or bamboo hairbrush is hand made and zero-waste product, It is recyclable and can be used as a natural fertilizer for the soil.

4. Reduce Static, Frizz, and Tangles

Plastic hairbrushes could never do this because they’re made from petroleum. As a result of not being gentle on your hair, using a plastic hairbrush actually increases static, frizz, and tangles.


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