Bamboo Round Shape Handle Afro Pick Comb

We are a professional Bamboo Comb manufacturer in China. If you want to make a mass order for the Bamboo Combs, please contact us directly.

We can give you the wholesale price for each Bamboo Comb.

Our advantages are as below:

  1. Wholesale priceBamboo Comb——–you will get a very reasonable price based on the quantities you need.
  2. Global shipping service——-accept DDP by air, sea, or train, we will take out the customs clearance of your goods.
  3. Risk-free trading—— Third-party platforms guarantee transactions

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300 pcs

OEM&ODM Bamboo Round Shape Handle Afro Pick Comb

The Bamboo Afro Pick Comb is perfect for styling and detangling your curly hair or Beard

This sturdy and elegant bamboo comb is perfect for all hair types. It works well on both wet and dry hair

The smooth and rounded teeth allow for gentle strokes and less hair fall.

Bamboo’s antistatic property reduces static and frizziness

How do I order this Bamboo Afro Pick Comb ?

  1. Send an email or contact us on WhatsApp, our customer service 24/7 online
  2. Describe your requirement, such as how many pieces of bamboo combs do you want? When do you want to receive these combs? Do you need the customized logo on the combs?
  3. Pay for the sample if you want to check before mass order.
  4. Pay the advance payment via a third-party platform or PayPal or Bank wire transfer. We accept to make the deal on the third-party platform, and support payment after confirming the goods are correct, check our Alibabaplatform.
  5. 5. Choose air or sea freight based on how quickly you want to receive your bamboo combs.
  6. 6. Receive your bamboo combs and check the quality

Bamboo Afro Pick Comb benefits

  • Bambooafro pick combs made from 100% vegan materials are available. They are durable and can last years. However, if your product is no longer useful, you can throw it out. Plastic will biodegrade more quickly than plastic (in a few years rather than hundreds).
  • Our combs can handle even the most difficult hair. They are strong and durable, so they can be used every day for many years.
  • Our combs glide effortlessly through your hair because they are sturdy and strong. They are resistant to breaking or bending from daily use.
  • Bamboo products can reduce static and frizz and make your hair look shinier.
  • Bambooafro pick combs can be used for all hair types.
  • Bambooafro pick combs can give your hair a natural feel of nature. Bamboo combs are more comfortable than plastic ones.
  • Our combs and other bamboo products are harvested in a way that is not harmful to the pandas that rely on bamboo as food. Bamboo is one the most durable resources . Bamboo grows quickly even in poor soil conditions. The yield from harvesting bamboo is much higher than that of timber harvesting. The best part is that there are still plenty of bamboo for pandas after the harvest is finished.

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