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1. Best quality boar bristle brush in China

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OEM&ODM Best Boar Bristle Brush/Made In China

How does our product compare to the 13 best Boar bristle brushes recommended online?

  1. Quality, For the handle of the boar bristle, As long as it is a wooden hairbrush that must be made by hand, Famous brands such as Mason Pearson and Kent may be strict about the level of polish on each brush to ensure a smooth surface. For the boar bristle, they will choose the best boar bristle, it may be longer and coarser than normal boar bristles. But the price of Mason Person’s boar bristle brush is nearly $220, and our high-quality boar bristle brushes cost only about $5 per unit, as you know, this is a product with a very high brand premium and the average consumer would not buy such an expensive comb. The ultimate purpose of the comb is just to comb the hair, it is just an everyday item.
  2. Customized Service, if you want to create your own brand then they can’t help you
  3. After Service, we will always stand behind our customers and products.
  4. We choose the best quality boar bristle which is sourced from specialized institutions, cruelty-free boar bristle. The brush handle is made of high-quality FSC certificated olive or beech wood.
  5. Our factory will keep some regular types of boar bristle brush in stock and accept custom logos or packages based on low MOQ. We are very familiar with the international transport business, we could check the best shipping cost for you. Support DDP business allows you to eliminate the tedious import process
  6. We support trading through the Alibaba platform, and if there is any problem with the goods you can apply for a refund, packing your money safely. Our customer representatives will be online 24 hours a day so that if there is a problem, they can communicate and deal with it at any time.

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