Eco-Friendly Beechwood Round Dry Body Brush

We are a professional wooden brush manufacturer in China. If you want to make a mass order for the wooden brushes, please contact us directly.

We can give you the wholesale price for each wooden brush.

Our advantages are as below:

  1. Wholesale price wooden brush——–you will get a very reasonable price based on the quantities you need.
  2. Global shipping service——-accept DDP by air, sea, or train, we will take out the customs clearance of your goods.
  3. Risk-free trading—— Third-party platforms guarantee transactions

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100 PCS

OEM&ODM Eco-Friendly Beechwood Round Dry Body Brush

Benefits of Dry Brushing for Skin

Dry massage is a wonderful way to stimulate the heart, circulatory system, and nerves, but please be sure to observe the following rules: Always begin the massage on the body parts furthest away from the heart – the feet followed by the arms. Massage towards the heart with 3-5 long, strong strokes of the brush. In the area of the abdomen, chest, and back, massage clockwise using smaller, circular strokes. A pleasant, cosmetic side effect of such a massage is gentle peeling. The massage removes dead cells from the surface of the skin. It is normal for the skin to warm up and redden slightly and a contrast shower after the massage enhances the effect. Dry brushing, while you are too cold or hot, is not recommended.

Anti-cellulite body brush

Declare war on orange peel skin! With regular use, this body brush can tighten the skin and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It Increases Circulation

Dry brushing could stimulate your blood circulation, stimulate lymphocytes, and leave you more great skin.

Hairbrush Certificate

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