Green Rubber Cushion Natural Wooden Bristle Hair Brush

For natural detangling, a wooden hairbrush is essential. The type of hair you have and the goal that you are trying to achieve will determine which hairbrush is best for you. The pins and the size of the hairs should be proportional to the length of your hair. However, they must not be too long to style it. Your brush bristles should be longer if your hair is longer. The wooden spiked hairbrushs can detangle both long and short hair without styling it. Short hair can be untangled with a brush that has boar bristles. wooden bristle brush with an ergonomic handle made of pear wood will make styling easier. Spiked brushes are great for curly hair because they can be used in a way that doesn’t break curls and also have the benefit of anti-static. Made in Germany and Italy, our brushes are eco-friendly and certified PEFC or FSC. Our natural and vegan hairbrushes make styling wet hair easy. flat wooden goats hairbrush is best for fine hair. It will be soft enough to stroke the top of your head. Make a hair mask at home to remove any excess hair and restore your hair’s natural shine. To achieve beautiful, full-length hair that shines, you only need to style it with our natural brush.

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Customized, Natural






1000 PCS

OEM&ODM Green Rubber Cushion Natural Wooden Bristle Hair Brush

Wood Type?

FSC Natural Bamboo

Suited For Which Hair Type?

The Bamboo wooden bristle Brush is best suited for short to medium hair types. For more options, please see our other brushes.

What are the benefits of wood?

Wooden combs and accessories help to reduce anti static, breakage and damage to hair, unlike plastic and metal. Wood’s porous structure absorbs and redistributes natural oils, maintaining healthy hair throughout your wash cycle. Wooden tips can also be used to massage the skin and stimulate blood flow, which in turn promotes hair growth.


22x6x2.8cm,accept custom package.




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