How to customize your logo on the hairbrush?

The most question we have is can I put my brand logo on the brush? Of course, we can, because as a professional hairbrush factory that can accept OEM/ODM service, we usually help our customer to finish their customized requirement.

So how can we do it?

For customized logos, we usually have three options:

1. Engrave

2. Transfer Printing

3. UV printing

These three approaches have their own characteristics, and it is necessary to choose the right solution according to the style of the logo and the final desired effect. So if you don’t know how to select, then you could send your logo to the factory, and let them help you!

1. Engrave

Call it engraving, marking, or etching: whatever name you give it, this technology is suitable for imprinting images on surfaces. The mark is permanent and cannot be removed.

Laser engraving a logo is an awesome way to stamp an emblem on a hairbrush. But the logo doesn’t contain any color, it only keeps the wooden color.

Logo by engraved

Our factory has four laser engraving machines,2 CO2, and 2 diode lasers machine. Not every material can be engraved. We only recommend engraving the logo on the wooden hairbrush, not a plastic hairbrush.

So if we want to have a color logo or want to purchase a plastic hairbrush, how can we customize the logo? Then you should select the printing and sticker.

2. Transfer Printing

First, we need to make a metal printing plate according to your logo before printing, so this will incur plate production costs, that’s why the transfer printing cost is higher than engraving by laser. And if your logo not only contains one color but also contains two more colors in, then the cost will be more.

Transfer printing machine

The cost of printing is based on how many quantities you want. The cost is expensive if you just need a small quantity, usually, if you want to do transfer printing then the order’s MOQ should be more than 300pcs at least.

3. UV Printing

UV printing machine

UV printing can print colorful logos on the hairbrush, but UV printing ink is very expensive, and it can only print on a flat hairbrush. Also, its speed is not faster as the transfer printing, so this way is more suitable for the person who wants to customize a logo with low MOQ and can accept an expensive logo fee.

What documents do you need to provide?

  • As for the logo image, there are really no strict requirements for its format since it’s possible to engrave using both raster (JPG, PNG, BMP) and vector (SVG, EPS, AI) files.

  • Vectorized logos are easy to engrave because they are vectorized. CorelDRAW, Inkscape, and Illustrator are recommended for editing prior to engraving.

  • Raster files, however, should be high-resolution. Furthermore, the logo image should be in black-and-white and without any shaded areas for best results. Despite the ease of editing raster files, purpose-built software like GIMP and Photoshop might still be required.


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