Bamboo Boar Bristle and Pin Pet Brush Used For Dog Or Cat Hair Remover Brush

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500 pcs

OEM&ODM Bamboo Boar Bristle and Pin Pet Brush Used For Dog Or Cat Hair Remover Brush

What can a pet double-sided massage brush bring to your pet?

1. Comfortable Massage & Grooming:

The pet brush is made of natural bamboo that doesn’t contain harmful chemical elements that cause skin irritation. One side is a boar bristle and one side is a softly long nylon pin, that could massage the skin and detangle the pet’s hair. Unwanted and dead hair on the pet’s body, effectively and gently, give your loved pet a different massage experience.

2. Good Care for Pets’ Coats

We carefully selected wild boar bristle, neat long bristle mixed well with short ones and together implanted to the comb. The bristle hair rubs each other, can evenly distribute the fat in the hair follicle, effectively cares for the hair, removes the dander and the dirty thing, reduces the static electricity, gives pet a healthy and shinny coats.

3. Versatile Wet or Dry Use

The pet brush not only can it remove hair in daily use of grooming, but when taking a shower, the bristle hair brush can make more delicate bubbles. The nylon pink can massage skin since its needle can make the bath liquid penetrate the skin and achieve a better cleaning effect.

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