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1. Metal teeth are long and have microscopic edges that remove stubborn nits. The rounded edges protect the scalp against painful scrapes.

2. For professional results, micro-grooved teeth can remove even the smallest lice nits.

3. It is easy to clean and can be used with all Rosemary Repel Lice products.

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  • Head lice It can happen to anyone for many reasons. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are dirty or have poor hygiene habits. Although lice can be quite common and easily transmitted, it doesn’t necessarily indicate poor hygiene. It is impossible to completely prevent it from happening in children Cynthia Bailey Dr. Bailey Skin Care was founded by Dr. Bailey, MD, a dermatologist.
  • Lice spread easily when a person infected touches another’s head. This is known as “head-to-head” contact.  Lice do not ‘jump’ and ‘fly they crawl,” Dr. Bailey said. They may only survive for a few days on a pillowcase or hat, but they can only live for one to two more days.It is possible to treat lice infestation using a proper brush. Rebecca Tung is a dermatologist at Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers. She recommends that you use a comb with narrow spacing between thin metal teeth to catch any lice (adult lice) and nits (lice eggs). It is important to keep your hair type in consideration, as the teeth on the comb must be close enough to remove any lice attached to your hair shaft. We compared dozens of lice combs and evaluated each one for its brush size, number, ease of use, price, and reusability.These are the top lice combs available today.

How to Choose a Lice Comb

Lice can make life very hectic for children.

There are a variety of head lice combs available: metal, plastic, and electric. There are many types of electric lice combs, but none of them is well-studied. They are not recommended by doctors over non-electric ones.

No matter which type of comb you choose, it is important to be able to comb through your child’s hair several times a week in order to get rid of as many pests as possible.

What kind of Lice Comb is best?

Ask yourself if it’s worth the extra cash to purchase the best comb. Some combs are made from plastic. Some combs come free with lice medications and kits, while others can be purchased separately.

You can also decide whether you want to comb for eggs, adult lice, or both.All combs share a common feature: small teeth and very little space between them. The comb’s effectiveness is generally dependent on how finely it is toothed. Adult lice can be removed with a spacing between the teeth of 0.2 and 0.3 inches. However, it is more likely to miss nits than adults. For adults as well as nits, combs that have a tooth spacing of 0.09 inches or less are the best.

A study compared two different types of lice combs, and the results were similar. All combs could remove lice but the one with the finest teeth performed the best in removing all stages of development.

When to use a lice brush

Lice combs can be one of the best ways to get rid of head lice in children.

These eggs can be very helpful for children whose school has a no-nit policy. Students are not allowed to return nits. Lice eggs can be small and difficult to see. They are also sticky. Lice eggs can be easily removed with combs.

They are more reliable than any one medication in the long-term as a general solution. Because lice are more resistant to chemical medicines than to physical combing, this is why.

You can use combs as a primary treatment or you may also take medication. You should start comb treatment as soon as your child is diagnosed with lice. If possible, you should start treatment the same day.

Continue combing your hair daily until you see lice. Continue to comb your child’s hair for three to four more days until you have seen your last live louse. Because nits can take as long as two weeks to hatch, this is important.

How to Use a Lice Comb

There are many steps involved in using a lice comb. You must do it correctly to ensure your child is lice-free as quickly as possible.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Wet your child’s hair, then use a regular brush to comb the conditioner through. Conditioner makes it easier to comb the hair.
  • Next, place your child where they can see you and reach your head. It is best to combine the bright light and your child.
  • Split their hair into small sections.
  • Start by going through each section one at a.
  • After using the comb, wipe it clean with a tissue or paper. This will allow you to inspect for any live lice and nits.
  • You should pay special attention to the areas near their scalp, behind their ears, and at the nape or neck. These are the most common areas where bugs gather.



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