How To Find Hairbrush Manufacturers In China?

For many hairbrush business owners, importing hairbrushes from China can effectively improve the profit margin, but finding original and authentic hairbrush manufacturers in China can be difficult sometimes. So, I write this guide to help you find reliable China hairbrush manufacturers with practical solutions and show you their unique strengths.

The Unique Strengths of Hairbrush Manufacturers in China

Chinese manufacturers are welcomed all over the world. Before we get to know how to find hairbrush manufacturers in China, let’s understand why exactly we should find them in the first place.

1. No.1 hairbrush manufacturing capacity in the world

China is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of hairbrushes, there are tens of thousands of hairbrush enterprises incorporated in China. China’s hairbrush manufacturing volume accounts for about 70% of that of the whole world, which literally makes it the world’s hairbrush manufacturing center.

2. Abundant labor resources and lower labor cost

With the biggest population on this planet, China has limitless labor resources. For that reason, the labor cost of the hairbrush manufacturers in China is relatively low, which obviously lowers the average wholesale price of the hairbrushes.

3. Highly developed industrial chain and concentrated industry clusters

The hairbrush manufacturing industry is mainly concentrated in regions including Guangzhou, Zhejiang, and Anhui. Among them, Guangdong Province has the largest scale in terms of hairbrush manufacturing and exporting. The complete upstream and downstream industrial chain has been developed in those industry clusters.

4. Strong and reliable logistics supporting

The supporting logistics have greatly facilitated the development of the hairbrush industry in China. Hairbrush manufacturers are well versed in the exporting processes of hairbrushes. With the support from domestic logistics providers and international freight forwarders, purchasing hairbrushes from China can be just a few clicks within your touch.

Search for China Hairbrush Manufacturers through Online Channels

1. Find hairbrush manufacturers in China on Alibaba is the largest B2B wholesale platform in the world, there are millions of suppliers in all product niches providing billions of different products to buyers all over the world.

Although there are tons of suppliers on Alibaba, not all of them are original manufacturers or factories. You may easily get deceived by those online Chinese suppliers as they tell you that they are factories with the capability to produce whatever kind of hairbrushes you like.

In fact, most of the hairbrush manufacturers in China don’t have a very large business scale, and most of their orders are placed by trade companies. And if you buy from those trade companies instead of buying from the manufacturers directly, you are bounded to pay extra money. A simple trick to distinguish original hairbrush manufacturers from trade companies is to check their product categories. If you find a shop that has an overwhelmingly diversified product range, then it probably is a trading company.

2. Find hairbrush manufacturers in China on AliExpress

AliExpress is also operated by the Alibaba Group – the same as This website feature both retail and small wholesale. If your order quantity is relatively small, you can try to place your order on this site.

One thing to be noted is that most of the hairbrush suppliers on this site use international express or e-package as their main shipping method since the MOQ (minimal order quantity) is too small for sea freight.

3. Find hairbrush manufacturers in China on is one of the oldest B2B marketplaces in China – even older than Compared with Alibaba, Made-in-China has stricter supplier entry standards and higher MOQ. Most of the suppliers of Made-in-China are big manufacturers or trading companies. So, if your order quantity is large enough, would be a rather good option to find reliable hairbrush manufacturers.

Final Words

If you think this guide to finding China hairbrush manufacturers is helpful, feel free to share it with others. And leave a comment below about anything you want to ask or say about this article.


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