The Ultimate Guide For Shower Brush

The guide for the shower brush, it could induce you to select the right shower brush you want. You will know the benefits of bath brush.

1. What’s the shower brush?

1. Function

A waterproof type of brush, designed for personal hygiene in the bath and shower. When taking a shower, use the shower brush with the shampoo to deep cleanse your skin and promote blood circulation, and remove dead skin dust from your body. It can also be used with essential oils when your skin is dry, to promote the absorption of essential oils into your skin, and with scrubs to cleanse your skin more fully.

Using dry brush to brush the body
Remove cellulite

2. Material of shower brush

  • Plastic
    • Compared to the wooden bath brush, the plastic bath brush production process is more simple, bristles can also be more easily placed on the brush handle, so it is cheaper, generally better quality bath brush will choose PA66, a more robust, high-temperature resistance, waterproof.
  • Wood
    • If your target customers are a more environmentally conscious group, then wooden bath brushes are more suitable for you. More of the top 50 best-selling shower brushes on Amazon are made of wood. Depending on the pattern of the wood, you can choose from bamboo, lotus, beech, oak, walnut, and sandalwood.

3. Material of Bristle

  1. Boar Bristle
    • Boar bristles are considered to be the bristles most similar to human hair, which are less likely to break and do not irritate the skin. It is moderately hard, so most shower brushes on the market will choose boar bristles.
  2. Nylon Bristle
    • Completely synthetic bristle, medium hardness, perfect for vegetarians as an alternative to animal hair.
  3. Sisal Bristle
    • Sisal is a plant fiber extracted from sisal leaves. Hardness is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. Sisal brush for body’s natural bristles delivers the lightest touch to boost lymph, encouraging the body’s natural waste system to eliminate trapped toxins.
  4. Horse Bristle
    • The horse bristle is soft for sensitive skin, and it can be used in the dry or in the shower.
  5. Goat Bristle
    • Goat bristle is the softest bristle and can be used to brush the baby skin, but because it is soft and dense, it is easy to shed.
  6. Copper wire
    • The copper wire dry brush also called ionic brush can create negative ions via friction.
  7. Silicone
    • The soft and flexible silicone massages your body repeatedly and instead of a shower ball, you can squeeze the shampoo directly onto the brush while you shower, creating more lather by rubbing your body.

4. Types of shower brush

  • Long-handle
    • The long-handle design could help people to brush the back acne.
  • Without handle
    • The cotton strap is fit well over the hand, which definitely helps when using.
  • Dry Body Brush
  • Wet Shower Brush

2. Is the shower brush good?

  • If you want to know the conclusion, then I can tell you straight away that using a shower brush is definitely good for you.
  • First of all, if you don’t have a shower brush, then many people simply apply body wash in the shower and subsequently rinse it off with water after smearing it evenly with their hands, which does not completely remove the dirt from the body.
  • Secondly, if you have long nails or have just had a manicure, then obviously using your hands is not a good option.
  • Most important, do you know how to reduce the cellulite that nine out of ten women have? The BBC documentary “The Truth About Looking Good” did a set of experiments where they compared three different ways to remove cellulite through exercise, cream, and using a dry brush, and the dry brush group saw an average improvement of 26%.

3. How often should you replace a shower brush?

The shower brushes are personal care items. You can only use it yourself and not lend it to others at will, while our recommendation is to replace it around 6-8 months.

4. How can I create my own brand shower brush?

  1. Confirm the shape of the shower brush
    • We have a lot of different shapes of shower brushes, if you don’t have a special design or only need some small quantity to try the market, then we could give you the best selection.
  2. Confirm the color of the shower brush
    • We could customize any color you want just need the Pantone code, usually, the MOQ is 1000 pcs at least if you want to custom color.
  3. Confirm the bristle of the shower brush
    • Choose the right bristle according to your needs, we have boar bristle, nylon bristle, goat bristle, horse bristle, sisal bristle, copper wire, and silicone.
  4. Send me your brand logo
    • For a customized logo, we could engrave or screen print, please provide us with the source file of your logo then we could send you the mock-up. We also provide 100% logo customized service if you need it.
  5. Confirm the pre-production samples
    • Many customers are concerned about product fraud, so we provide pre-production samples and guarantee that the actual mass production product is of the same quality as the samples.
  6. Waiting for production
    • If the quantity is lower than 1000 pcs then the production time is 10-20 days, if the quantity is more than 2000 pcs then the production time is about 30 days.
  7. Inspection
    • We have our own quality control team that conducts quality control according to AQL 2.5 standards. We also accept third-party inspection.
  8. Delivery
    • We have extensive experience in international transportation, and we support door-to-door service.
  9. Inspection and confirmation of receipt of goods
    • For the first trade, we could make the deal on a third-party platform like Alibaba, we will receive your full payment only after you receive the goods to confirm that there is no problem with the product.
  10. Keep in touch
    • We always stand behind our clients and product, so if you have any questions after the deal, please contact us at any time you need.


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