What woods are good for making a wooden comb?

As soon as people enhance environmental protection recently, more and more products made of plastic were exchanged for eco-friendly materials. In the comb industry, the requirement for wooden comb is large, some big brands such as Disney, and P&G will purchase their custom wooden combs yearly.

The wooden combs are handle-made and polishing because the wooden combs are made of 100% natural wood, they are 100% biodegradable goods. Many wooden combs that are damaged after a long period of use can simply be buried in the soil, and they will degrade on their own without contaminating the soil.

What woods are good for making a wooden comb?

1. Bamboo

2. Beechwood

3. Olive wood

4. Chinese cherry wood

5. Sandalwood

1. Confirm whether the wood has the FSC certificate

First of all, whether you purchase logs, or directly purchase combs, you need to pay attention to whether the supplier can provide FSC certification, FSC certification can prove that the raw material is after the formal felling and to avoid the destruction of forests caused by improper harvesting.

From March 2013, the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) was officially implemented, the 27 importing countries of the EU have become more stringent in the management of wood products, requiring risk assessment of wood products. Among them, passing FSC certification (FSC- COC certification) is a simple and effective way. In addition, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc. also need the certification

2. Determine which wood to use based on the characteristics of the comb

If you want a lightweight and tough wooden comb, then you can choose bamboo, but bamboo combs are not suitable for painting because of their own grain, so if you want a wooden comb sprayed with tinted paint instead of varnish, then my suggestion is to choose beech wood, cherry wood, and olive wood.

3. Select wood according to the cost of raw materials

The price of the raw wood relates to the pricing of the comb, which in turn relates to the positioning of the product. If your target marketing is Medium or low, then I recommend selecting bamboo or Chinese cherry wood. If your target marketing is High, then I recommend selecting olive wood or sandalwood.


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