How to get the lint out of a hairbrush?

Routine cleaning of your hairbrush is important. An old hairbrush can be revitalized, and its lifetime extended, simply by removing collected hair, cleaning with an agent, and properly drying.

You may not notice the lint that clings to your hairbrush in your daily life.

When you brush your hair, the hairbrush creates some magnetic force that attracts this tiny lint. Although they won’t make your hair breakage, cleaning the brush in time will make your hairbrush last longer.

In that way, how to clean a hairbrush lint?

Step 1-Removes hair left on the hairbrush


Use a professional cleaning grip to clean out the hair trapped between the teeth of the brush, and clean out the lint as well as the hair.

Step 2-Cleaning brushes with water

Many bloggers teach their viewers to clean their hairbrushes directly with water, and doing so is wrong. If you have a hairbrush in your hand that is made of wood, contact with water may make the brush moldy.

So my advice is that if you have a plastic one, you can just wash it in hot water and add some body wash,

but if you are using a wooden hairbrush, then my advice is to wash the wood bristle of the brush with water and subsequently wipe the rubber surface of the brush with a damp rag.

Cleaning hairbrush

Tips Why is it not recommended to rinse the wood brush with water?

  1. The wooden paddle brush will become moldy if it is not sufficiently dry after encountering water.
  2. The air cushion part of the wood brush will have holes, and if you wash it with water it may cause water to enter the empty slot inside the hairbrush, which is very bad for drying.

Step 3-Drying

Dry the comb with a dry towel and hang the brush over the edge of a sink to keep water from pooling in the handle or base. A blow-dryer can also help dry it out faster

Dry hairbrush
wood hair brush
Hair Dryer With Hairbrush

How to purchase a good wood hairbrush?

If you know how to clean a hairbrush lint, read this article, then you also need to purchase some high-quality wood brushes. Some people still purchase the hairbrush from supermarkets, if you are a small business owner. We could accept your order with a lower moq.


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