How to import or purchase hairbrushes or combs from China?

B2C: Purchase hairbrush from a retail platform such as

B2B: Purchase hairbrush from a factory or trading company

To find the suitable supplier according to the quantity you need.

B2C Business

If you only need to buy a small amount, for your own use or as a gift for someone, then I really recommend you purchase directly on Amazon, although the price is higher than the AliExpress, Amazon’s hairbrushes or combs are more selective, faster to receive, and more beautiful.

The recommend B2C platform is:,you can put the keywords on the search box such as “hairbrush” or “comb” after you will find some suppliers that sell the hairbrush and comb on this platform.

Why do I recommend this platform to you?

Because it’s safe when you start an order, you’re not paid the money to the supplier. The platform will temporarily keep your payment for the goods until you confirm the product quality is ok. If there is a problem with the product, you can complain directly to the platform and ask for a refund.

B2C Platform

B2B Business

If you want to try to sell your own hairbrush or create a brand of your own, then you need to find a manufacturer of combs or hairbrushes to work with.

But, unluckily, many factories in China don’t have a window of contact with the outside world, you have no way to find them on Google because they don’t have their own website, and many of the companies on B2B platforms are mostly trading companies, I’m not saying that trading companies are bad, they tend to be more professional, easier to communicate with and more familiar with the process of international transactions.

But if you want to contact the factory directly, then you can refer to another article of ours, we list the Top 5 Hairbrush Manufacturers & Suppliers & Wholesalers in China.

How do I communicate with my suppliers?

Once you have found the right supplier, you need to perform the following steps.

1. Discuss specific product requirements with suppliers

  • What type of hairbrush do you need?
  • Wooden hairbrush or Plastic hairbrush
  • Target Customers: Men, Women, Child
  • Sold individually or with other products
  • Do you need a customized logo or package

2. Arrange samples

Maybe it’s your first time cooperating with the factory, or maybe it’s your first time purchasing a hairbrush from China, so it’s necessary to ask for a sample.

All the factories in China are willing to accept the sample order, but it’s not every factory will provide the free sample. The sample cost is based on how much raw material cost and labor costs, normally $60 – $100.

3. Check samples

Check the sample with your team and give feedback to your supplier. Factories usually produce large goods with sample quality standards. If there are any problems with the samples, be sure to communicate with the supplier in a timely manner.

Because of the language difference, sometimes there are some misunderstandings, so a video conference is necessary.

4. Payment in advance and start of mass production

Regarding the payment rate of prepayment, in our company for example, usually, the prepayment is thirty percent of the total amount and the balance is paid before shipment.

If this is your first transaction, and you don’t trust the factory that much, then you may consider trading through a third-party platform.

5. Third-party inspection (if necessary)

If you want to make sure anything is ok before arranging the balance payment, then you can arrange the third-party inspection. Such as SGS, intek , CCIC.

6. Pay the final payment and arrange delivery

You can get a third-party freight forwarder to arrange shipping, or have your supplier arrange shipping, but the price difference between the two will not be great.

If your supplier gives you too high a quote, you may consider having the freight company arrange it.

7. Receiving and inspection

After the goods are cleared through customs, they are usually delivered directly to your designated address, and when you receive them you can check and give feedback on problems in time.


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