Why You Must Need A Boar Bristle Hairbrush?

Boar bristle brush Vs Nylon bristle brush

We may have a variety of hairbrushes such as plastic hairbrushes, round hairbrushes, and combs. Each of the brushes has its own unique function, but if you ask me to choose the most important one, I will not hesitate to recommend that boar bristle brush!!!

Some hair types will need to get a special type of boar bristle hairbrush to see the greatest benefits. Below, we’ll explain everything. 

How a Boar Bristle Brush Can Help You Achieve Healthier Hair

It infuses shine and distributes the scalp’s natural oils(sebum) throughout the hair strands, resulting in a natural sheen. Good for people who have dry hair, because the boar bristle stimulates your scalp to produce more oil.

Cleanses and smoothed hair scales

The left side is normal hair, the right side is the state of open hair scales, hair scales if not closed in time, it will lead to dust and oil into the internal space of the hair, so that the hair is fine and soft to lose vitality, which is why many people after washing the hair in a healthy state, but it is difficult to maintain the reason. Boar hair is almost identical to human hair in texture, It allows the hair scales to close when combing the hair and brushes the dust away, and if used with conditioner, it can also condition the absorption of hair products.

hair scales
Hair scales

3 Benefits of using a Boar Bristle Brush

1. Promotes healthy hair growth

Why cause your hair loss? The most important issue is your hair rote hasn’t enough nutrition. Without blood flow, your hair can’t grow. The boar bristle brush can increase blood flow and unclog the hair follicles.

2. Prevents hair breakage and frizz

How many times a week do you wash your hair? If you have a hair losing problem, then you may not more than four times. Because our scalp’s sebaceous oil acts as a natural protectant for your hair. It prevents split ends, reduces frizz, and prevents breakage. On the market today, there is no better to frizzes and prevent breakage. On the market today, there are no better anti-frizz serums than this one. Furthermore,it will increase your hair’s elasticity, resulting in fewer breakages.

3. Great styling hairbrush

What is a Boar Bristle brush?

Boar Bristle has come from the hairs of boars. Boar bristle brushes have been used around for 100 years, It is known as the closest material to human hair, same protein, and keratin.

Our boar bristle brush is 100% cruel free that is collected from domesticated boar. The hair is removed humanely, just like you are shearing a lamb.

When you used a boar bristle brush to brush your hair, those little plates collect and move the scalp’s natural sebum from the roots down the hair shaft. This function you can’t do with brushes made of some synthetic materials, such as nylon, which is very softy. The oil at the roots doesn’t budge. The nylon brush is a good detangling hairbrush, but that’s where its benefits end.

So, if you focus on solving the hair loss problem, then the boar bristle is your best option.


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